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Rhizome movie is a becoming
becoming-animal in Art, Science and Fiction

"Perhaps art begins with the animal, at least with the animal that carves out a territory and constructs a house (both are correlative, or even one and the same, in what is called a habitat). The territory-house system transforms a number of organic functions - sexuality, procreation, aggression, feeding. But this transformation does not explain the appearance of the territory and the house; rather it is the other way around: the territory implies the emergence of pure sensory qualities, of sensibilia that cease to be merely functional and become expressive features, making possible a transformation of functions. No doubt this expressiveness is already diffused in life, and the simple field of lilies might be said to celebrate the glory of the skies. But with the territory and the house it becomes constructive and erects ritual monuments of an animal mass that celebrates qualities before extracting new causalities and finalities from them. This emergence of pure sensory qualities is already art, not only in the treatment of external materials but in the body's postures and colours, in the songs and cries that mark out the territory. It is an outpouring of features, colours and sounds that are inseparable insofar as they become expressive (philosophical concept of territory). Every morning the Scenopoetes dentirostris, a bird of the Australian rain forests, cuts leaves, makes them fall to the ground, and turns them over so that the paler, internal side contrasts with the earth. In this way it constructs a stage for itself like a ready-made; and directly above, on a creeper or a branch, while fluffing out the feathers beneath its beak to reveal their yellow roots, it sings a complex song made up from its own notes and, at intervals, those of other birds that it imitates: it is a complete artist."

- Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari. What is philosophy? p.183-184.


Visuals for becoming-animal
For a variable databank, diverse forms of collage and its real-time imagery.

A comme Animal. A becoming-animal consists of becoming-animal himself. Generated with Metapixel and ffmpeg including the tag words "Deleuze" and "animal." It is re-composed by the tags on YOUtube, and re-generated as a temporary movie. This does not totalize but multiplies itself. . . work in process, August 2009.